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HUANUO HNSSK2 aluminum single monitor gas spring mount utilizes a gas spring mechanism to provide smooth and effortless angle adjustment for the most comfortable viewing positions.

HNSSK2 single arm mount stand supports flat screen monitors from 13″ to 32″ in size and can hold up to 19.8 lbs. This full motion gas spring desk mount comes with both C-clamp and grommet mount bases to offer mounting options for quick and easy installation for most desk and table types. It also comes with an integrated cable management system. It is ideal for both business and home office use as it can free up more workspace and reduce the clutter on your desktop.

The HNSSK2 single monitor stand is made from polished aluminum die-cast solid steel for durability and high-grade white exterior for a cleaner, sleeker look. It is an ideal monitor desk mount for your business or home office to free up more workspace and reduce clutter on your desktop.

This HUANUO HNSSK2 single monitor stand features full adjustment:
– The forearm can be 360° swiveled
– The joint on above the base can be 270° swiveled
– The plate/monitor can be 180° rotated & swiveled from -90° to +90°
– The plate/monitor can be tilted from -90° to +90°

The longer arms allow for a wider adjustable range. Height adjustment supports from 6.8″ to 19.6″ and 360° arm swivel. The gas spring hovering system makes it incredibly easy to change monitor height with the touch of a finger.
– Fit Monitors which meet ALL the following specs: Weight loading capacity up to 19.8 lbs (Make sure to adjust the gas spring to right tension according to your monitor as the gas spring is originally at minimum tension).
– Suitable Display Size: 13″ – 32″
– Supported VESA pattern: 75mm x 75mm; 100mm x 100mm (If your monitor has no VESA mounting holes, please search “HNMUA1” for HUANUO non-VESA adapter)
>>NOTE:<< DO NOT to be installed on desks which made of particle board.
Quick release VESA plate makes the installation easier while attaching your monitor securely.

Fits desk with or without a hole. C clamp works for desks with thickness up to 3.3″ while grommet base fits desk thickness up to 2.8″。

Mounted on the edge of the desk without original large base, this gas spring monitor stand clear up valuable space on your workstation; the cable clips keep your cables neat and tidy

Additional information

Weight 8.60 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 16.3 × 12 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Read before you buy!

This stand have a design flaw, it using a clip on monitor VESA joint to stand arm which can never hold the monitor tight

Best upgrade for monitors with big ugly stands

Short Review: They are great, adjust easily once you have them dialed in for the weight of your monitor, and are discreet.Long Review:Rationale: I got 2 of this stand (rather than a dual arm mount) because my desk space has a small cabinet and shelf space, thus it would not accommodate a dual arm. I have two Acer XB271HU monitors which come with large pointy red stands. The Acer stands themselves are great functionally speaking, but they are large and obtrusive in design.Installation: I mounted one arm using the clamp style and one using the grommet style. I didn't need to open any of the screw packages because my Acer monitors came with VESA screws preinstalled. All I had to do was remove the screws, put the VESA plate that comes with the arms in place, and screw them in. That's it for monitor prep.The clamp method was super easy to install. You just affix the clamp module to the base of the arm with the included screws. Clamp it where you think you want it and you are done. Please note: The base of the arm will not be centered to your monitor when the arm is in the closed position. You will probably have to move the base to the left/right depending on the way you orient the arm's elbow, in order to center your actual screen. See my attached picture for reference.The grommet method was just as easy, provided that you have a grommet hole already. I did not. I have a grommet drill bit and went to town on my desk. Measuring was tricky because as I stated earlier, the base will not be centered to your monitor. This means I had to attach the arm to the monitor and hold that whole thing up while my wife traced the outline of the base on the desk using a sharpie. (95% alcohol takes off all of the sharpie in case you are wondering) Once the base was traced. I measured where the hole should be and drilled away. A minute later I had a grommet hole and mounting was easy. They include a mounting plate with a long square headed bolt. The tightening dial threads smoothly an...

Great looking mount but monitor giggles with any motion

So this mount looks great.. the arm is very sturdy. The biggest issue I have is the slot/clip that you slide the VESA plate has a lot of wiggle room so when you hang your monitor it shakes with any motion.. even when typing on a keyboard. I ended up sticking some paper into the slot to make it a tighter fit but it still moves a lot. Still, on the fence about this mount. I wish that mounting point was a bit more precise and snug so there wouldn't be any wiggle room.

Doesn’t hold up

Hi, I do feel disappointed about this monitor arm basically because it doesn’t allow me to keep the screen up! It seems like the system is not able to hold the weight of something that is 27” flat. Then comes the way to return it, the only thing I don’t personally like about buying through amazon.

Supports 32” LG Monitor Well

This monitor mount is working well for my 32” LG monitor. Assembly and installation took about 10 minutes; it comes with different size screws to fit various monitors. The vesa mount attached easily, and it’s a bonus to be able to quickly release the monitor from the arm by just depressing a tab. There are lots of adjustments to get the tension just right for your monitor’s weight. There’s a full range of motion as described. The material seems strong, and it looks as pictured. I liked it enough to buy a second one.